Our Executor of Estate Journey

A family business started in memory of someone we miss dearly. 

Why Notified Right?

Notified Right is the result of what we found was a real need, after our own personal experience with someone close to us passing away. We found we weren’t alone in our experience of grieving a loved one and struggling with the paperwork of winding down an estate.

So we assembled a library of 600+ Canadian organizations for families and executors to use to organize who needs to be contacted, when and how.

Notified Right is an online tool that eases the burden of death notifications and cancellations.

Our Story

My Dad passed away following a short battle with cancer, just months after he and my Mom started their retirement. His death was a huge loss to our family and has left a hole we will never be able to fill. On top of the sadness we felt, there was also a staggering amount of paperwork to be done. The funeral home and bank had general checklists, but nothing that provided specific instructions to deal with his estate.

It was a frustrating process, especially for my Mom as his executor. She spent many hours on hold and sometimes had to contact an organization several times to provide additional information. Despite best efforts, during a period of grief it can also be difficult to stay organized. Months after we thought the notifications were completed there were still some that had been missed.

Notified Right is our way of honouring my Dad and I know he would be proud of how we are helping other people. He was a great Husband, Father, and Grandfather. He loved golfing and being outdoors and always enjoyed life to the fullest.

He was loved, and we miss him EVERY day.