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How much does a membership cost?
Notified Right charges a single fee of $129 CAD plus taxes for a one-year membership to our complete library of 600 Canadian organizations and our online tool to build a customized executor’s checklist.
When does my membership start and how long does it last?
If you are purchasing a membership for yourself it starts immediately and lasts for one year. Gift memberships last for one year from the date the person receiving the gift first opens their account.
What does a Notified Right membership include?
You will receive full access to our entire library of more than 600 organizations across Canada in order to build your customized checklist. The library includes many helpful tips, contact information, forms and the instructions to notify each organization. You can also choose to complete a profile with basic information about yourself and the deceased that is used to auto-populate letter templates to save you even more time
Does Notified Right provide estate planning, financial and legal advice?
No. Notified Right does not provide professional legal or financial advice. The information offered on this website does not replace the professional services you would receive from a lawyer or accountant.
What is different about Notified Right and similar services offered at funeral homes?
Some funeral homes may include notification services with the cost of funeral arrangements, others offer the services for additional fees and some do not provide help in making notifications and account changes. Most funeral homes do provide at least a general checklist, but this is not like the checklist you will build on Notified Right. We have contacted every organization in our library to find out their specific procedures following a death. This means you can build a custom checklist and get started on the notifications without having to do the research yourself.
Does Notified Right update its library on a regular basis?
Yes, Notified Right is dedicated to providing our customers with the most accurate information we can. Our library is regularly updated, however, if you come across any changes or corrections before we do, we would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know. Please Contact Us.
What is Notified Right’s refund policy?
If you purchased a membership but have not used the online tool we are able to provide you a refund within 30 days of purchase. If you have used the services but are unhappy with them please contact us and we will try to improve your experience. If a gift membership was not used within 90 days of purchase we would be happy to provide a refund to the person who purchased it.
Are there any additional fees?
Generally, most organizations do not charge fees to make changes to an account following a death and some may even offer refunds for unused services. If there are any additional fees these are paid by you directly to the organization where you are making the changes.
What are the system requirements?
To use Notified Right’s online tool you will need access to a printer and scanner. You will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or higher. To install a free version, or upgrade your current Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here – Hyperlink to Adobe.
Can I get started before the death has occurred?

No. In general you will need to know the date of death before making any notifications. However, there are things that can be done before a death to make the paperwork easier after. This would include:

• Locate the Will and relevant documents

• Determine if the person expected to pass is the sole owner of bank accounts or if there are joint accounts with the right of survivorship

• Confirm credit cards are joint accounts or if the person expected to pass is the primary cardholder

• Discuss with your lawyer or financial planner about having a spouse or beneficiary’s name added to property titles and other assets

• Make a list of clubs, memberships, subscriptions and associations that will need to be notified

• If someone will continue living in the home contact the utility companies to either have their name added to the account or to transfer the account

Who can use Notified Right?
Anyone is welcome to purchase a gift membership to Notified Right for a friend or family member. The people who will benefit most from our online tool are executors (called liquidators in Québec), or a person appointed by the courts to settle an estate.
Is Notified Right a secure site?
Yes, Notified Right uses an independently verified SSL Certificate to encrypt personal information and the website does not store credit card information.
How does Notified Right protect the deceased’s information?

Identity thieves commonly target those who are recently deceased and we want to help prevent this. We do this in three ways:

a. Keeping our site secure by using an independently verified SSL Certificate to encrypt personal information.

b. Collecting only limited information about the deceased (name, address and date of death). This information is optional and used only to auto-populate letter templates.

c. Helping the executor close credit cards, bank accounts and social media accounts as soon as possible after a death. We also provide instructions for notifying credit reporting agencies and removing the deceased from commercial marketing lists.

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