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What types of organizations are in your library?
Our comprehensive library has details, forms and letter templates for specific organizations for the following categories: Banking & Financial Services, Credit Cards, Federal Government, Home Services, Life & Health Insurance, Loyalty & Rewards Programs, Medical & Care Services, Memberships & Associations, Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions, Online Services & Social Media, Pensions & Employer, Phone, Internet, Cable & Satellite, Property Insurance, Property Taxes, Provincial Government and Utilities.
I don’t know where to start, can Notified Right help me prioritize the checklist?
Absolutely, your checklist will automatically be prioritized with the time sensitive items categorized at the top of the list.
How do I know which organizations need to be notified?
As the executor is your job to determine which organizations need to be contacted. You may need to go through the deceased’s mail, wallet and documents to figure this out. Notified Right can help by providing an essential checklist of organizations that most Canadians will need to contact.
Do I have to complete all the forms at once?
No, most executors take up to a year to complete their duties in winding down an estate. You can choose to work through your checklist by downloading and printing forms individually as you go, or you can download and print all the required forms and letter templates in a single zip file after compiling the entire checklist. You can also log back into your account any time for up to a year after purchase if there are organizations that were missed.
How long will it take to complete all of the notifications?
Most people are able to complete all of the necessary notifications within a few months of a death. Membership to Notified Right last for one year though so you’ll have lots of time to build your checklist, record which notifications have been completed and track your progress using our online tool.
Will I receive confirmation that a notification or cancellation has been made?
All of our letter templates include a phrase requesting confirmation but we recommend you follow up with each organization to make sure they have completed your request.
I've already started some of the notifications, can Notified Right still help me?
Most executors have between 30 to 50 different organizations that they will need to notify or make changes with. If you’ve already started you know how frustrating and time consuming this process can be. Depending on how many you have left to go you may still find our online tool useful. If you decide to buy a membership to Notified Right you can add the organizations you’ve already completed and check them off as done right away. This will allow you to keep a comprehensive record of your progress in one place.
What options will I have to make the notifications?
Every organization has a different process for making changes to an account following a death. We can advise you what options are available for you to choose from for each one: mail, email, phone, fax, in-person, or online.
Do I have to print the forms and letter templates?
In most cases you will need to download and print the forms and letter templates on your checklist so that you can complete and sign them. After that you will need to either mail them or scan and email them directly to the organization.
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