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Does Notified Right provide service outside of Canada?
No. At this time Notified Right only provides notification services within Canada.
Will Notified Right work in my province or territory?
Our team has researched organizations in every province and territory to make sure we have a comprehensive library for people across Canada, however, our online tool is only in English at this time. Our library may not include listings for all of your local organizations, especially if you live in a smaller city or town. In this case you can include the general item on your checklist and fill in the letter template for this organization type with the specific information you need. If you are having trouble locating an organization that isn’t on our list we would be happy to help you with that. Please Contact Us.
The death took place outside of Canada, will Notified Right still be able to help?
Yes, Notified Right can still help with the notifications and account changes that need to be made for Canadian organizations. The Canadian embassy or consulate in the country where the person died can tell you how to obtain a death certificate. You will need this before getting started.
Can I use Notified Right if the deceased was not a Canadian citizen?
If the deceased was living in Canada or has Canadian organizations that need to be notified and you would like help determining the best way to contact those organizations then Notified Right will be a good service for you.
Can I narrow my search of organizations by province?
Yes, we recommend filtering by province as some of the categories will have long lists if you don’t.
If I need forms from several different provinces will I have access to them?
Yes, we advise filtering down to only the provinces you need to make you search easier, but you do have full access to Notified Right’s entire library if you need it.
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