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What information do I need to set up a profile?
How much information you provide in your profile is entirely up to you. We collect only basic information about yourself and the deceased such as name, address, phone number and date of death that is used to auto-populate letter templates in order to save you time. If you choose not to complete your profile on Notified Right you can still use the online library to build a checklist. You will just need to fill in this information on each of the letter templates manually after downloading.
Can I complete or make corrections to the profile after I’ve already started?
You will have access to make changes to your profile whenever you’re logged in. If you choose not to complete your profile before building your checklist you can still do it at any time before downloading your letter templates.
Is my personal information and that of the deceased secure on your site?
Notified Right takes great care in securing your information and uses an independently verified SSL Certificate to encrypt personal information.
Do you ever share profile information with other organizations?
No. Notified Right never provides your profile information to other organizations.
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