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What if I have questions or need help during the process?
Please call or email us and we’d be happy to help you. Our contact information can be found here. Hyperlink to contact page.
What if Notified Right doesn’t have a form that I need?
Please contact us if you are a Notified Right member who is having trouble finding an organization. Hyperlink to contact page. We would be happy to track down the contact information of a Canadian organization for you and will do our best to locate any forms that are required as well. Usually it takes two to three business days after receiving a request for us to email you with this information.
What if the information for one of the organizations is wrong?
Please let us know if you find that we have provided incorrect information in our library. Our team of researchers works hard to keep the library up to date so if a process has changed or any of the information provided is wrong we want to correct it ASAP.
What if I need more help than Notified Right can provide?
Our online tool is very easy to use and we can provide additional support via email and phone if you encounter any problems. However, if you do not feel that an online tool is right for you then you may be interested in hiring a Certified Executor Advisor, or in the services provided by Peacehold. We are not affiliated with these organizations but want you to know there are options during this difficult time.
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